Makeup Expiration Dates You Should Know...

Makeup Expiration Dates You Should Know...

Did you know that some key items in your makeup bag actually have expiration dates?  You may be shocked to find how long you should keep some of your makeup before tossing it.  Holding on to these items for too long could result in dangerous skin and eye irritations.  I know it may not be easy to keep track since makeup doesn't typically come with expiration dates printed on it.  It may be helpful to buy certain makeup when the seasons change to help you remember.

Makeup sponges are especially harmful if kept too long.  These tend to house unwelcome bacteria, especially if kept in your bathroom.  Bathrooms have a lot of airborne bacteria.  If you must store your makeup and tools in your bathroom, put them in some type of storage that you can cover. You can find a cute one on Amazon like the one here.

Even prior to the makeup expiring, you can avoid exposure to these germs by cleaning your sponges and makeup brushes between every few uses.  (I just use Dawn dish liquid and warm water-- or Cinema Secrets makeup brush cleaner when I am traveling).  Cinema Secrets can be purchased at  It is important to remember however, any makeup you've used while sick, especially lipstick, should be tossed. Of course if you have conjunctivitis (pink eye) you should throw any items away that were used on the eyes. This would include tools as well as makeup.

Below is a quick list of items and when they expire:

Foundation/Concealer - 1 year

Eye shadow - 1 year

Mascara - 3 months

Liquid Eyeliner - 3 months

Pencil Eyeliner - 2 years

Lipstick - 2 years 

Powder Blush - 2 years

Makeup sponge - 1 month

I hope this was helpful beauties!

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